Cô là người đặc biệt để lại ấn tượng với khả năng Speaking cực đỉnh, mình rất hào hứng với mỗi buổi lên lớp cùng cô
Học viên Nguyễn Duy Anh
  • IELTS overall score: 8.0
  • 2+ years of private tutoring experience
  • Passionate, patient, and energetic
About me

Hi to everyone! My name is Nguyen Thuy Tien and I am a sophomore at FTU. Although being majored in International Business, I have a passion for teaching and tutoring.

In my opinion, when teaching, an encouraging and comfortable environment is the key element in developing linguistic skills. Only when people can freely communicate and express their thinking are they able to study language effectively. To do that, I always try my best to engage students in exciting class activities that will help me understand their level of English and improve it.

My main teaching goal is not only to prepare the necessary academic English skills for students to achieve high grades at school but also to let them incorporate the active language learning habit into daily life and boost their confidence whenever they encounter any situations requiring English.

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