” Em rất thích cách dạy của thầy, thầy khá vui tính, thoải mái đặc biệt luôn cười nhiều. Nhờ có thầy mà em cảm thấy Tiếng Anh không còn là môn học khó nữa mà nó còn rất hay và thú vị” ( Hoàng Lan)


 Have been in the field of teaching for 5 years online
 Graduated with the degree of Secondary Education (BSEd) major in English.
 Acquired TESOL/TEYL Certificate
 Have passion in teaching English language from beginners to advance.
 Highly competent,dedicated, and a committed teacher; providing the quality, fun,
and meaningful lesson to the students.

Hello there! I am Teacher Sunny, a professional teacher with the bachelor’s degree of major in English. I’ve been also an ESL teacher for three (3) years online. I am passionate, dedicated, and a committed teacher. I teach both beginner and advance students or students from four (4)years old and above. As teacher’s role, it’s been always my passion not just to simply teach but also to inspire learners. Thus, whenever we have classes, I will definitely make sure to make it fun, enjoyable, and meaningful by providing you an engaging learning activities like; word games, eyes breaker, spotting, short discussion, debate and etc. depending on your level. These supplementary activities will allow you grasp clear concepts and ideas to help support your learning needs.
As your teacher, your success to be proficient in English language is top of my priority. I’m very excited and happy to work with you and help you be able to achieve your goal. I can assure you that I can confidently handle my job with higher sense of responsibility and professionalism. So, you don’t have to worry!
I am looking forward to see you here in Skype English very soon.
Thank you!
See you!

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