Cô Sue dạy hay, chững chạc. Mình thích phong cách dạy của cô và hài lòng khi học với cô.
Học viên Nguyễn Hải Hà
  • A native English speaker from Johannesburg, South Africa
  • More than 30 years’ experience in teaching and training
  • Taught English face-to-face to young learners, high school learners and adults
  • Taught English on-line to high school learners and adults since the onset of the Covid pandemic
  • Taught all school subjects online to students from primary grades to high school during lockdown
  • TEFL Level 5 – Teaching English to Foreign Language Students, including Business English and On-on-One Online
  • IELTS – supporting learners to prepare for an English Language Examination
  • Experienced in human resources, publishing, public relations and statistics
  • A friendly and patient teacher, passionate about helping others to be the best that they can possibly be
About me

Hi! I’m Teacher Sue, a bilingual teacher and language tutor from Johannesburg, South Africa.

Teaching, training and mentoring have always been my passion. My most rewarding and enjoyable experiences have included helping others to develop to the best that they can possibly be. Equipped with excellent communication skills, I can help students to improve on pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, reading, writing and speaking skills.

Why do you want to learn English? Every aspect of English language learning is addressed – from basic skills to practice on interview skills to get that job! Great importance is placed on creating a friendly, warm environment. Creating a trusting relationship with students from all cultures, levels and abilities helps them to relax and embark on an exciting English language journey with confidence.

I have many years’ experience in publishing, human resources, public relations and statistics and hope to pass on my expertise and knowledge to anyone willing to join me in relevant and fun conversations. I enjoy interacting with others from countries all over the world, sharing information.

Hope to meet you soon!

Path 252@ 2

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