Cô Shiela dạy học rất giàu năng lượng, kiến thức phong phú và khiến mỗi buổi học đều thú vị. Cô dạy học rất linh hoạt, thông minh
PH của Minh Khang
  • Graduated Bachelor of Science
  • TESOL certificate holder
  • 11 years of online ESL teaching experience from beginner to advanced students
  • Handled Korean, Chinese and Japanese students
  • Passionate, enthusiastic and patient
About me

Hello there! My name is Shiela. I started my ESL career teaching Business English to Korean students. I helped company managers and supervisors prepare for TOEIC and IELTS tests. I was also in charge of creating new lesson materials for learners. I have handled kids and teen students in China and Japan as well. I have helped practice and guide high school graduates for their National College English Test (CET) exam.

In my class, I always create a safe and comfortable learning experience to my students. I push them to be more confident and focus on the small steps in order to achieve their learning goals. I’m looking forward to meeting new students and experience great new things together. See you in Skype English!

Path 252@ 2

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