Cô Roxan nhẹ nhàng, giảng bài dễ hiểu, giọng hay, cô giúp em đặt câu và chỉnh sửa câu rất tốt.
Học viên Nguyễn Mai Phương
  • Licensed Professional Teacher
  • Graduated Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English, Cum Laude
  • Have been in the ESL industry for four years
  • TESOL Certified
  • Former TESOL Trainer
  • Passionate in teaching English to learners of all ages and levels
  • Enthusiastic, patient, polite, understanding, and innovative teacher
About me

Hi! I am Teacher Roxan. I graduated Bachelor of Secondary Education major in English, Cum Laude. After graduation, I immediately worked for an ESL company, which caters major types of classroom setup for both offline and online. After 6 months into my employment, I became a TESOL Trainer and IELTS Teacher.

I have been dedicated to my craft, which is why I attended various international training programs to keep my skills and abilities in teaching  upgraded. I also took TESOL Courses and became a certified English teacher to speakers of other languages.

As a teacher, I believe that I can help my students improve their grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, and spelling. Fluency and accuracy are also given emphasis in my classes, so students should expect more speaking drills and practice. Even then, I still see to it that the student’s needs and interests correlate to my instructional objectives.

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