“Cô dạy rất dễ hiểu. Cô sửa lỗi phát âm cũng như các lỗi sai thường gặp trong giao tiếp. Con rất yêu mến cô và cảm ơn cô rất nhiều.” ( Hoàng Lan)

Quỳnh Như

Final year student at Ho Chi Minh City University of Foreign Languages and Information Technology
Having over 1 year’s experience teaching English to both children and adults
Perceived by students as an approachable, supportive, dedicated teacher
Majoring in English at a prestigious school for the gifted in my hometown has given me a favorable
chance to immerse in English early and nurtured in me a huge passion for the language.
Working as an tutorial staff at an English center since grade 11 and teaching freelance now has helped
me accumulate a lot of experiences in delivering the lessons and communicating well with people.
That’s why I’m very confident to become a member of Skype English and contribute my effort to help
students speak better English.
If you want to upgrade your speaking skills, don’t hesitate to join my class!

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