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Học viên Doãn Hà Vy
  • The Bachelor of English Language at University of Finance and Marketing
  • More than 4 years of experience in teaching English
  • Worked with ESL Teachers (both online and offline) for 3 years
  • Have a great passion in teaching English language for all ages
  • Taught English to young learners and teenagers.
About me

A patient teacher with the goal of helping others to improve their English.

Hello! My name is Phuc Toan, I am from Vietnam and currently living and working in Ho Chi Minh City, a central city in the South of Vietnam. I have a strong passion for mentoring, teaching, and giving useful instruction to my beloved students. I could assist students in sharpening their pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, reading, writing, and speaking abilities with my outstanding communication skills.

More than half of my career was spent teaching English to local students in international schools, so I understand the dynamics of a learning environment with a global flavor and I understand their desire. My focus is on the student, try to be their friend, help and guard them to be better everyday, because the present moment is a gift so I try to make everyday worth living

My favorite quote is “Every morning you have two choices: continue to sleep with your dreams, or wake up and chase them.” So I hope I can chase your dream with you.

Hope I can see you soon!

Path 252@ 2

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