“Cô Nhung nhiệt tình, có phương pháp rõ ràng-hiểu học viên, giúp mình yên tâm cải thiện điểm yếu để giao tiếp tốt hơn.”

– Học viên Lê Thu Huyền

Phạm Nhung


  • Graduated University of Da Lat with Bachelor’s Degree in English
  • Graduated University of Law and Economy with International Economy major.
  • Have 10-year experience in English for business
  • Have 2-year experience in teaching position
  • Be friendly and responsible

Dear my lovely students,

I’m Nhung. It’ll be nice if I can meet you all. I graduated from University of Da Lat with BA in English and a little Chinese (in case you want me to speak). I worked as a tutor when being a student. Also, I got experience in business English. In addition, I have had my own English club since 2020 for children and adults, focusing on pronunciation and speaking following American English (AHD – thefreedictionary.com)

As you know, English is very important key in life and career if you want to be an international citizen. So, that is the motivation for you to practice English communication frequently and regularly. For me, grammar is nothing if you cannot speak any words. Therefore, please don’t be afraid to make mistakes, just express your ideas as much as you can. I am here to encourage you. See you in Skype English.

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