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Học viên Nguyễn Anh Tài
  • Have a TESOL Certificate
  • Have taught English for more than 7 years with students all ages and levels, from beginners to advanced Academic coordinator in a British English institute.
  • Have prepared students for KET, PET and FIRST certifications. Exam preparation: TOEFL and IELTS.
  • Taught phonetics and phonology courses to improve pronunciation.
  • See the growth in my students is something in which I feel passionate about.
  • Make my lessons fun and very dynamic always encouraging my students to be part of it
About me

Hello! My name is Nicolas D´Oliveira, I´m 28 and I was born in Argentina. I’ve been travelling since I was 6 years old. I was brought up in an English environment, this gave me the opportunity to get to know a lot of people and cultures and learn and use the English language from an early age. At the moment I´m studying a bachelor in Language and Literature. I’ve been teaching all ages for 7 years now as well as preparing students for TOEFL, KET, PET and IELTS examinations; working with students in summer school and summer camps as well as in charge of conversation clubs. I created a choir with my students to help them improve fluency and pronunciation, this choir performed several times in different public places and schools. I was also in charge of an ESL senior program for a year.
For the last year I’ve been working as a full-time online English teacher, providing with the knowledge of the language to many students, all ages, worldwide. Learning different teaching techniques, understanding the cultural differences and adapting in every step of the way.
What I love about teaching is how we can pass knowledge to another person, I think is fascinating, I love teaching all ages and being part of their growth. My classes are very dynamic, I try to make the students feel comfortable enough to be able to learn and work all the skills needed in every lesson.

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