“Em rất hài lòng khi học với thầy Marc. Thầy rất nhiệt tình, vui vẻ và nhiệt huyết, rất kiên nhẫn hướng dẫn và làm mẫu những thứ em chưa biết cũng như những thắc mắc của em. Về bài học thì em thấy rất có trọng tâm, cụ thể, phù hợp với trình độ của em.”

– Học viên Hồ Văn Sơn



  • Graduated with the degree of Bachelor in Elementary Education Major in General Education
  • ACADSOC accent training certified
  • TEFL certified
  • Have passion for teaching English language from beginners to advanced
  • Friendly, enthusiastic, good communicator, patient, highly motivated and etc.

Hi! Good day, Welcome to Skype English and Welcome to my English class. My name is Teacher Marky I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education here in my country and I got my TEFL and ACADSOC ACCENT TRAINING certificates. I believe teaching is effective when if it is fun. I am a KIND, POLITE, ENTHUSIASTIC, and FRIENDLY. During the class, I used flashcards, toys and activities. do you want to improve your Listening, Reading, Speaking, and Grammar skills? I got you. And for adult students, We will solve your worries in terms of English skills just do your best and I’ll do the rest. I’m greatly passionate about my profession and I love helping others improve their English.

I would like to welcome you all here in Skype English. So, join my class now!

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