“Cô Maiden là 1 giáo viên kỹ tính và rất đúng giờ. Nhờ đó mà tiếng Anh của tôi đã có những tiến bộ vượt bậc kể từ ngày học cô.”

– Học viên Quách Minh Phương



  • Have TESOL certificate
  • A licensed professional teacher for secondary and tertiary level
  • An ESL teacher for 8 years teaching foreign students
  • A writer, editor and translator
  • Skilled in educational, technical and creative writing
  • Can design a very good and interesting method of learning English
  • Adjust to the needs of the students and patiently helps the students

Hello! I’m Teacher Maiden. It’ll be nice if I can meet you all. I’ve been teaching English for 8 years to foreign students. I love this job because it allows me to help other people who wants to speak English fluently. Helping people is my passion.

I’ve already met a lot of people and talked about anything under the sun. Thus, I gained ideas and improved my knowledge and these ideas, I also want to impart it to you through English conversation while we are having our lessons. I can even design a teaching method and provide materials that suits you best or you can choose your own if you want to. I’ll be there to guide you in your endeavor to learn English.

I love talking to people and I also want to talk to you! I hope to meet you in my class!

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