“Thầy Luis rất nhiệt tình. Thầy giảng bài dễ hiểu, truyền tải kiến thức linh hoạt và chỉnh sửa câu của mình để nói tiếng Anh sao cho lịch sự. Thầy dạy giao tiếp rất tốt.”

– Học viên Nguyễn Hải Nam



  • A native English speaker from the United State of America
  • More than 4 years’ experience teaching English to students from beginner level (A0) up to advanced and proficient (C2)
  • A passionate teacher who is patient, polite and fun
  • A teacher who always makes sure that their lessons are relevant, interesting, and enjoyable
  • Experience teaching online in China with Chinese students and adults
  • A well traveled individual with business and IT knowledge and experience

I’m a passionate and patient teacher with more than 4 years’ experience teaching English to all English levels. I particularly enjoy working with kids but also enjoy having more complicated and in-depth conversations with adult students as well.

I’m a flexible teacher who can design a course that is specific to your individual English needs. I adjust my curriculum and teaching style to each student and can focus more on lesson material or expanding the material to practice more conversationally.

As a teacher I strive to make every lesson memorable, interesting, and fun. I enjoy the relationships I have developed with my students and feel rewarded seeing my students become more confident with their English proficiency.

For my younger students, I will typically stick to the suggested lesson material but if it is too easy I will find ways to make it more complicated, interesting and enjoyable.

I currently live in Thailand and teach English online in both China and Vietnam which has given me a lot of experience working with students with various needs and abilities.

So, whether you are a beginner who wants to learn the basics and have fun at the same time, or a proficient English speaker looking to improve your skills; I can help.

Thank you so much for your time. I hope to see you soon!

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