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Phụ huynh bé Trọng Tín
  • I graduated from The Saigon International University with a
    bachelor’s degree in Bussiness Management and I also studied teaching methods TESOL.
  • I have a great passion for English and with the experience of working with learners varying from
    the Beginner to Intermediate levels for 3 years.
  • I possess great patience and interest in teaching learners of all ages.
  • I always listen to my learners and provide support when needed.
  • I am responsible and enthusiastic about my work.
About me
I’m Cẩm Sương, I’m living in Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam
1 year experience working with learners from beginner to intermediate level flexible, passionate, empathetic and patient. My English name is Laura. I graduated from the Saigon international university with a bachelor’s degree in business management and i also studied teaching methods Tesol.
I have a great passion for English and with the experience of working with learners varying from the beginner to intermediate levels for 3 years.
I believe that i possess the abilities and qualities to pass on the passion to you. I don’t have any special methods apart from the communicative approach which I usually apply in my class and the English center that I am working for using 100% in English while teaching. Besides, I also have some activities for students to develop themselves and motivate them as well. I believe that communication is the key to creating a welcoming, friendly and engaging learning environment. Such that, it provides students with the opportunity to interact and make use of the knowledge that they’ve learned, also, boost their confidence and nurture their love for English. Generally, I aim to create a learning environment in which you can study and have fun at the same time with all the valuable lessons and interactive activities.
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