” Thầy Sơn dạy rất nhiệt tình và dễ hiểu”

Học viên Nguyễn Đình Khải

Vo Hai Son

Tra Vinh, Viet Nam

Bachelor of English/ Accounting 

The Finalist of English contest of ASEAN Citizens 2016 

Good communication and presentation. 

Fluent in economic, social, political, cultural issues, etc. 

Self-motivated and hard working. 

My slogan about teaching: “Not teacher, not tutor! We are close friends in our  English class

About me

Hi All! I am Son Vo (Mr.) and you can call me Thomas:)! My nick name is Moon Man  (Cuội) and live in Tra Vinh, Vietnam. I have been an English teacher for 10 years.  Studying/ teaching English, listening to music and reading books are my hobbies! My  favorite quote: “Life always offers us a second chance. It’s called tomorrow”. Joining in  Skype English education system, I would love to help you to be better & better in  English and you can take new chances in your lives by your greater English!  

I look forward to assisting you all soonest, my friends!

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