“Cô Thuỷ tuy là 1 giáo viên trẻ nhưng kinh nghiệm dạy IELTS Speaking rất tốt. Con mình đang học cô và mình thấy hài lòng.”

– Phụ huynh Nguyễn Lan Chi

Thanh Thuỷ

Hanoi, Vietnam

  • Studying and working in Belgium – English program
  • 8.5 IELTS Speaking
  • Experienced in teaching IELTS Speaking and English communication for
    students and working adults
  • Energetic, patient, suitable for students at all ages

I do my best giving students the skill-set so they can nail all IELTS Speaking topics
without learning by heart and can communicate in English fluently and
confidently. With my support you could learn less in time but much deeper and
to-the-point. Not to learn harder – let’s learn smarter!

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