“Con tôi đã có những trải nghiệm tuyệt vời với lớp học của cô Steller. Cô là 1 giáo viên giỏi và rất có tâm.”

– Phụ huynh Tạ Bích Ngọc


Negros Oriental, Philippines

  • Licensed Professional Teacher
  • Graduate of Secondary Education major in English
  • Currently Completing a Thesis on Master of Arts in Education major in English Language Teaching
  • Teaching in the public school for 4 years
  • Very good communicator


Hello Learners!

My name is Maristelle T. Safra but you can call me Teacher Stelle. I am a Licensed Professional English Teacher. I have been teaching in a public school for 4 years now in my country, the Philippines. Since English is also our second language, I find it very much enjoyable to apply different methods and approaches in teaching the language with my learners. To make each lesson more interesting, I usually integrate fun activities in the session. I finished my Bachelor’s Degree in Secondary Education major in English at Villaflores College. To achieve professional growth and enhancement in my teaching skills and knowledge, I took a Master’s Degree in Education, specializing English Language teaching at Cebu Technological University. I deemed my further studies helpful in ensuring that I could extend quality education to my students.

My teaching experiences are deeply rooted with teenage learners and young adults, however, I am sometimes hired as a private tutors to young learners, and this afforded me the opportunity to adjust and shift approaches that would be suitable for the younger minds.

Though teaching has already afforded me so much fun, I still keep a light heart by giving time to my hobby, painting. I also love reading and collecting books. Some of my favorite authors are Lewis Carroll, CS Lewis, Paolo Coelho, and John Grisham. In addition, I am fond of watching Disney Cartoon Movies and Super Hero Movies, which allows me to have the invigorating spirit of a child.

Let me tell you this, learning English is not just fun but very much helpful in accomplishing big things at school and in life. Join me here at Skype English and together let us make things great! See you in my class at Skype English.

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