“Cô Stella rất sôi nổi và vui tính. Bé Quang nhà chị rất thích học với cô.”

–  Phụ huynh học viên Nguyễn Minh Quang


Negros Occidental, Philippines

  • Have been working for more than three years in the ESL industry.
  • Have experience teaching English for kids, Advance English, Business and Travel English, English conversation, and IELTS coaching. 
  • Have a degree in Business Administration, majored in Financial Management, and earned a teaching certificate.
  • Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) & Teaching English to Young Learners (TEYL) Certified.
  • Easy-going people person. Likes talking, creative, a good listener, and loves learning new things.

Hello! My name is Stella Marie. I have been a professional English tutor for more than three years now. I graduated with a degree in Business Administration with Presidential Academic Merit, and recently I have completed a one-year program for a teaching certificate. I have taught English learners from very beginner to proficient levels. During my two years in the ESL industry, I have already met many English learners from diverse backgrounds. 

Teaching young learners are pretty challenging, but it’s also fun. I love to play, sing, and dance with my students. I always make sure that my students will feel comfortable learning English. To my young learners, join my class in Skype English, and we will play some music and have fun while we are learning English.

I love to have conversations with my adult learners. Most adult learners like to have a business, travel and have free discussions with me. Learning a new language is difficult, but if we learn comfortably, it will be easier. Let me know how you would like to learn and feel comfortable, and we will do it that way. Join me in my class, and we will talk about anything under the sun.

I am excited to see you all here in Skype English!

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