“Con tôi từ 1 đứa nhút nhát không biết nói tiếng Anh giờ sau 3 năm theo học thầy cháu đã rất tự tin nói chuyện với người nước ngoài. Thầy là một người có tâm và rất trách nhiệm.”

– Phụ huynh Trần Ngọc Linh



  • Institute of Studies EKOMAN – Journalism and Communications (2006 – 2008)
  • Business writing skills training in United Nations – July 2010, UNAMID
  • Correspondence in United Nations – December 2005, UNMIK
  • Have TESOL and CELTA certificate
  • 12 year experience in teaching English for Serbian, Japanese and Vietnamese
  • Communicative, hardworking and persistent good individual and team player

Wrote articles for the newspaper and worked as an editor. Attended cultural events
in Kosovo wide, being focused to minority inhabited areas. Held interviews with political, religious
and cultural leaders. Researched and analysed political articles published in Albanian and Serbian
newspapers and prepared analytic articles. Liaised with the priests and cultural counterparts for the
events to be observed and reported about those events. Assisted in designing, development and
maintenance of Internet application website of the magazine. Participated in the planning and
coordination of major exhibits and liaised other media agencies in organizing briefings and press
conferences. Coordinated technical arrangements, organized and allocated space for visiting news
attending briefings and press conferences. Monitored and translated press articles from English into
Serbian, published in Albanian newspapers. Provided general administrative and logistics support to other journalists for official travels to observe various events and attend press conferences. Assisted photographer in arranging and classifying photo database, wrote captions for the photos and assisted in producing of photo prints. Managed and supervised media associates who assisted in media coverage of various events.

For teaching, I am an enthusiastic English teacher who possess over 12 years of teaching experience in private English schools in Serbia and two years of teaching experience as a free-lancer. Moreover, I had worked as translator/interpreter for United Nations for four years providing simultaneous and consecutive translations during the meetings with high officials. I have been providing general English lessons to the students of primary and secondary school as well as business and travel English lessons to adults. I use modern teaching methods to attain lesson objectives in order to improve students’ knowledge of English grammar, enhance their vocabulary and comprehension as well as listening skills.

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