Cô dạy kỹ và rất dễ hiểu. Cô dạy phát triển đồng đều 4 kỹ năng: nghe , nói, đọc, viết. Tôi rất hứng thú khi học với cô Shirley. (Kim Ngân)


 Born in Baguio, Philippines
 Licensed Professional Teacher
 TESOL Certificate holder
 Doctor of Philosophy Major in Educational Management
 9 years of teaching Music, Arts, Physical Education, and Health from kids to junior
level classes in the Philippines
 3 years of teaching English online handling beginner to advanced level students.
 Vocal coach and song composer
 Enjoy traveling and doing exciting adventures

Hi there! My name is Shirley, currently leaving and residing in the Philippines.
My hobbies are singing, dancing, and going out for an adventure. My passion for
teaching started when I was still young. Now, I am grateful to practice this profession
and see my students learn and be able to meet their goals.
As a teacher, I would describe myself as a fun and engaging teacher. I make sure that
my students feel heard and understood in my class. I teach in a way that makes them
feel like they can talk without being afraid of making mistakes. In general, I focus on the
goals of the class while taking into account the level and preferences of my students.
Also, I love to discuss Conversation lessons and discuss more English skills to hone the
skills of my students.
I look forward to seeing you in Skype English!

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