“Con rất thích cách cô Sheryl ân cần và nhẹ nhàng giải thích mỗi khi con không hiểu bài hay chưa nghe rõ câu hỏi của cô” (Nguyễn An Như)



  • Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English
  • Have a TEFL / TESOL certificate
  • More than 4 years of experience in teaching English
  • Enthusiastic, patient and effective communicator

Hello, my name is Teacher Sheryl. I’ve experienced teaching Korean, Chinese students, Japanese, Taiwanese and Arab. I am teaching both online and offline.

I am a Senior High School teacher teaching Oral Communication and Literature in our community . I’ve experienced different teaching techniques that are helpful in the teaching and learning process. I’ve joined training to develop and enhance more of my teaching expertise to help my students be better equipped with the necessary skills in this 21st century and I participated in workshops in hosting during college years.

I always make sure that my classes will not be boring . I make sure that there’s always student engagement in the discussion to ensure that they can learn and apply their learnings in class.

I cannot wait to see you in our future classes soon! Learn the English language and have fun with Teacher Sheryl’s class! See you in Skype English!

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