“Cô Shayne nhiệt tình, luôn tận tình chỉ dẫn cho em từng lỗi sai về ngữ pháp và phát âm, em học với cô cảm thấy rất hiệu quả” _ Học viên Thanh Ngân


**Short Teaching Description:**
– Teacher Shayne
– TESOL and TEFL certified
– 5 years online teaching experience
– Specialized in young and adult learners
– Diverse international teaching experience

**Full Teaching Description:**
Hello, I’m Teacher Shayne, a dedicated educator with TESOL and TEFL certifications and over 5 years
of rich experience in the field of online teaching. My expertise lies in creating engaging and effective
learning experiences for both young and adult learners. With a passion for fostering language
acquisition, I have successfully taught individuals from a wide range of nationalities, bringing a
diverse and multicultural perspective into my virtual classroom. I'm committed to tailoring my
teaching methods to the unique needs and learning styles of my students, ensuring that each
individual achieves their language goals. Join me in this exciting journey of language learning!

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