“Cô Sharmaine biết cách gợi mở để em nói nhiều, cô sửa nhiều lỗi trong câu của em về cách dùng từ và ngữ pháp.”

–  Học viên Lê Hà Trang



  • Licensed Professional Teacher
  • Certified ESL Teacher
  • Holder of TESOL and TEFL
  • Degree holder of Bachelor of Elementary Education
  • Can handle different ages
  • Can teach diverse learners of all levels
  • Construct a meaningful and interactive relationship with students

Hi! I’m Teacher Yoo. I am a LET passer and a TESOL/TEFL certified instructor. I have been teaching English for almost 4 years now. I’ve been teaching English to different nationalities and I’ve come across people with different levels. I love the English language because it helps us to communicate to foreign people.

I tried the best of me to fulfill the needs of my students. And I will be very happy to teach you with organized and well-mannered class. In addition to that, I am much willing to develop and hone your skills. I can help you improve every aspects of the language.

Having a thought of teaching makes me want to help you learn more. Learning is fun and exciting. Though there are times it’s difficult to learn something but if you’re really persistent, I know you can achieve more. Always believe in yourself that you can do it. Practice makes perfect. Be confident on what you’ll achieve tomorrow. So join me now and let’s experience the wonders of learning English in a fruitful way.

See you in my class!

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