Cô Ronelyn nhanh nhẹn, nhiệt tình, giao tiếp tốt, dạy dễ hiểu.
Học viên Trần Hải My
  • Licensed Professional Teacher
  • Graduated with the degree of Bachelor in Elementary Education Major in General Education
  • Currently taking up Master’s Degree Major in Educational Management
  • Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certificate holder
  • Have been an ESL Teacher for two (2) years.
  • Have been an offline teacher for one (1) year.
  • Have passion in teaching English language from beginners to advance
  • Friendly, enthusiastic, good communicator, patient, highly motivated and etc.
About me

Hello there! I am Teacher Ronelyn Tupan, a professional teacher with the bachelor’s degree of major in general education and a TEFL certified. Currently, I’m taking up my master’s degree in one of the top universities. I’ve been an ESL teacher for two (2) years and an offline teacher for one (1) year in a classroom setting.

I am excellent in teaching kids because I believe that learning should be fun and exciting. I sing, dance, act and do crazy things in class. I’ll make sure that every child gets a wonderful experience as they learn English. I can teach students from four (4)years old and above. To make my class engaging, I use props like toys, flashcards, realia and visual rewards if they did a great job.

And for adult students, I understand that everything that I should teach you should help you in your daily lives. That’s why I assure that every class that I have with you is meaningful, educational and memorable. I’m greatly passionate about my profession and I love helping others improve their English. I can be your friend, too.

So, I am looking forward to teach you and welcome you here in Skype English.

See you!

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