“Thầy là một người điềm đạm và sống nội tâm. Có cơ hội học thầy là 1 niềm hạnh phúc vô cùng to lớn của tôi và các con. Rất yêu quý và trân trọng thầy.”

– Học viên Phạm Thị Hồng Hạnh

Rade Bjelan


  • Interpersonal Skills training (United Nations), 2004
  • Translator / Interpreter – NATO / United Nations, 1999 – 2005
  • English Language Proficiency Certificate, United Nations – New York, May 2006
  • English language classes, Italy
  • TESL, English language classes by Skype
  • Efficient and devoted & Highly motivated and flexible & Highly communicative

The first work experience introduced me with international organization environment in the post-conflict region in the Balkans. Starting with British forces (NATO) as interpreter in 1999 I quickly moved to my next job with United Nations where I spent just over eight years. For the most part my job was always English language based since I worked on daily basis with languages in both written and oral form. Interpreting was done in both consecutive and simultaneous mode with high profile officials attending the meeting and conferences (New York HQ, UN office – Geneva, UN office – Vienna).

Due to culturally rich and versatile environment and people coming from all corners of the world and different backgrounds I was able to learn on the spot and significantly expand my set of skills, English language included.
In addition to my job I always took opportunity to teach others English. During my stay in Pavia/Milan in Italy I have been teaching English by giving private classes during two years for both adult Italians and children. Most of my students required conversation, reading practice and corrections as we go. Most attention was given to the natural flow and pace of learning, so that learning experience would become not only useful but as well fun process for the student, the one he/she will remember with a smile.

Professionally I tend to bring and maintain high quality of work while encouraging students to develop by using new phrases, words and sentence constructions.

As of my personal qualities I would like to highlight flexibility and adaptability in addition to my natural openness and readiness to assist.

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