“Cô Quenne rất nhiệt tình và cẩn thận. Cô dạy dễ hiểu, thường xuyên chỉnh sửa câu cho học sinh và giao tiếp tốt với học sinh.”

– Mẹ em Phạm Đức Toàn


Iloilo, Philippines

  • Registered Nurse in the Philippines
  • Graduated Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • Have been an ESL Teacher for 15 years now
  • Academy English Teacher for 2 years at GLS in Iloilo
  • Freelance Online English Teacher for 13 years now
  • Responsible, goal-oriented, cheerful and optimistic
  • A considerate teacher who always sees to it that students are comfortable and can express themselves freely in class

A wonderful day to you! This is Teacher Quenne. I love cooking and discovering new recipes. So, if you love food, maybe we could talk more about it in my class.

I have taught Korean students in an academy here in Iloilo City, Philippines. I used to handle both man-to-man and group classes with adults and children. During this period, I was one of the teachers assigned to make the monthly exams for the students. I have also experienced teaching Japanese and Chinese students in some online English companies.

I consider teaching not as a job but a passion. I have grown to be patient and understanding to every student that I have met. It is through ESL teaching that I have met and talked to beautiful people outside Philippines.

To my future students, I would like to help you gain that confidence in expressing yourselves well in English. Let’s unveil your capabilities and strengths. I am excited to see you soon!

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