“Cô Châu dạy nhiệt tình, phong cách cởi mở, trẻ trung. Bạn nào định đi du học hay muốn tìm hiểu kinh nghiệm học tập tại Mỹ thì cô có nhiều điều chia sẻ với người học.”  – Học viên Hoàng Lan 

Phương Châu

  • Majoring in Business and Computer Science at Minerva University.
  • Possess 1 year of experience working with learners ranging from beginner to intermediate levels.
  • Known for being flexible, approachable, and fun.
  • Passionate about community building and knowledge sharing.


Hello! I’m Chau, also known by my full name, Le Binh Phuong Chau. Currently, I work as a designer in a tech company. My educational background includes a degree in Business and Computer Science from Minerva University. The time I spent studying abroad significantly improved my proficiency in English. I am well aware of the challenges and effective methods for learning and practicing English.

In my role as a teacher, I aim to share my experiences from studying and living abroad. I can provide guidance on grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and communication skills. Consider me your accountability partner, ready to assist you with any questions you may have!

Let me know if I need to do anything else!



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