“Thầy Paul là 1 chuyên gia hàng đầu về giáo dục. Sau mỗi bài giảng của thầy tôi đã tích lũy được rất nhiều kiến thức đáng quý.”
– Học viên Phan Khánh Linh



• Native English Speaker. Born and educated in England. Lives in London
• TESOL Qualified (Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages)
• Specializes in IELTS Academic and General
Registered Trainer and Career Advisor HCITB (Hotel and Catering Industry Training Board).
Teacher of Business and Conversational English to non-native speakers.
• Former Founder and CEO of San Lorenzo College: English for Business and Social Interaction, Philippines
• Former Executive Officer for the UK Government Civil Service. Interviewer and trainer.
• British Council Advisor.
• Graduate MIEx (grad) British Institute of Export: International Trade and Development.
• Statistician UK Office for National Statistics and National Centre for Social Research.

Congratulations! By reading this far you have already demonstrated your serious interest in me as your teacher, and taken the first step of an exciting journey to learn and improve your English.
I won’t beat around the bush! (That’s an idiom by the way – it means “I won’t waste time”). I encourage my students to converse freely which helps me to identify their needs particularly with grammar, pronunciation and sentence construction. Emphasis is on comfortable expression as opposed to hard and fast rules. I tailor my lessons to suit your needs. (Is that a hidden metaphor – tailor and suit?) I have a relaxed approach because it’s important for the student to feel comfortable and not intimidated or worried. A sense of humour is important when learning English. So be prepared to be amused.

Everyone learns at a different pace. Everyone is different. Everyone is unique. Everyone can learn English and everyone will benefit regardless of their ability.

It is very possible to communicate in English without adherence to strict rules, but a basic understanding of grammar is very advantageous and during my tutoring students will discover they have learned the rules automatically.

However the student should learn English without fear of the intransigent (strict/immovable) usage of the rules. The benefit of speaking English is that it is a constantly evolving language, which is the reason for it’s global success. It’s my job to give you the tools to speak English confidently in this ever changing world and prepare you as you travel around it.

Lets go on this journey together. Whether it be for Business English or Conversational English, or to enhance your career prospects, or just to confidently interact in English. Maybe you want to take your IELTS or improve on a previous score?
You’ve already learned a lot just by reading this.

So what are you waiting for?

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