” Cô giáo luôn nhẹ nhàng giải thích và chữa các lỗi sai cho con. con rất thích học cùng với cô. Cảm ơn cô rất nhiều ” – Hoàng Bách

Nhi Võ

Nhi Võ
● Graduated High School in the USA
● Had experience in Teacher Assistant
● Have been working as an English private tutor for almost 1 year
● Highly patient and enthusiastic to support English learners including both kids and adults
Hello, my name is Vo Yen Nhi. I am currently working as an English tutor in Ho Chi Minh City.
After graduating High School, I have been taking gap time and preparing for college. In the
meantime, I want to share my experience to help those who are studying English to get used to
native speaking environment. Since English is now a basic and fundamental skill not only in
schools but also in the working environment, creating a more creative learning process is
I hope I can help you to learn English by my best.

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