“Em rất thích học với thầy Long. Thầy sáng tạo trong các câu hỏi giúp học viên nói nhiều nhất có thể và sửa lỗi cặn kẽ.”

– Học viên Nguyễn Hải Nhi


Hanoi, Vietnam

  • Have been an English Teacher and Vietnamese Teacher for foreigners for 5 years
  • Have a passion for teaching the English language to beginners to advance
  • Have great passion in teaching English to beginners to advance learners
  • Very understanding and friendly, patient, highly motivated and etc.

My name is Thanh Long, and it’s my dream job to be an educator. English is probably the most useful tool in my daily life, since it has brought me so many opportunities in my daily life, relationships, and career. My time as an English/Vietnamese teacher throughout 4 years of my university life helped me gain precious experience, teaching skills, and broaden my understanding of education as a whole. Understanding the importance of learning English, I hope that teaching and delivering my knowledge and skills will be beneficial to your daily life and work.

In order to make your learning experience more memorable and interesting, engaging and fun methods are always the no.1 priority. I also want to help you find a suitable learning approach. Hopefully, your passion for English will be strengthened.

Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me. See you at Skype English.

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