“Cô Linh nhiệt tình và tâm huyết. Phương pháp dạy bài bản cùng sự thấu hiểu của cô giúp con mình học tốt các kiến thức và hứng thú với mỗi buổi học”

– Phụ Huynh Huỳnh Tấn Tài



  • Graduated from Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh, major in English
  • Have 3 years of experience in teaching English
  • Highly motivated and enthusiastic teacher

Hi! My name is Linh. I graduated from Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh city with a degree in English. As we can see that English becomes the key to access the modern world, so I always want to impart my knowledge to others. I am excited to see people benefit from learning English.

During my teaching experiences, I was working with students at all levels, thanks to this opportunity, I have found  that every student is different so I need to be flexible in approach of teaching.

I design 3 steps for my teaching. First of all, it is necessary to understand the learning style of student. Then I will choose suitable strategies. Secondly, I will encourage my students to set goals for their learning. I believe that it will help students to be more aware of the learning. Finally, practice makes perfect. I always try to use English during the lesson because I want to create an English environment. Gradually, my students will reflect naturally on English. “Learning English is a journey with a lot of wonderful destinations”. If you want to discover it, see you in Skype English.

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