“Thầy Lego rất tận tình và vui tính. Thầy thích trò chuyện và cởi mở nên con rất thích nói chuyện với thầy. Con mình rất vui khi học với thầy và tự tin hơn hẳn sau các buổi học.” 
– Phụ huynh Học viên Nguyễn Nhật Nam



  • Graduated Masters in Business Administration, major in Enterprise Development
  • Graduated BS in Business Administration, major in Economics
  • TESOL Certified of Arizona State University
  • Teaching English since 2014
  • Trained and dedicated to teach Beginner to Proficient learners
  • Specialized Teacher for kids
  • Specialized Teacher for Daily English students

My name is Kim Llego and my students call me Teacher Lego and I am from the Philippines. I am 35 years old. I have been teaching English online for seven years, starting from Year2014 and I am enjoying my job teaching kids and adults. I love playing with kids that is why teaching kids is never a difficult job. I had finished a lot of trainings with my previous companies on how to effectively teach kids specifically K to 12 programs. I graduated Masters in Business Administration last 2018 and I love to share my academic learnings and business experiences with my students since I am a businessman as well and have been to number of companies, worked as an assistant Supervisor and eventually became a manager. I teach kid and adult learners with and about Grammar, Phonics, Basic English, Advanced English, Free talks, IELTS, Travel English, Business English and Conversation English.

During my free time, I love to watch TV and inspirational videos. I love gardening too; I have a lot of plants and flowers in our backyard. Since I started teaching, it becomes my routine to tell my stories and also guide the students on how to efficiently and effectively talk and converse to other people.

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