“Cô Ngân nhiệt tình, tận tâm, dạy dễ hiểu, luôn lắng nghe và sửa cho em khi em mắc lỗi, giúp em mạnh dạn thể hiện bản thân mà không sợ sai.”

– Học viên Nguyễn Trà My

Kim Ngân

HCMC, Vietnam

  • Majoring in English Linguistics and Literature at International University – VNU HCM
  • Have experience in teaching English online and offline from young learners in primary schools to college students
  • Have a great passion in teaching English
  • Enthusiastic, friendly, responsible, patient, etc.

Hello there! My name is Truong Kim Ngan. I am currently taking up my bachelor’s degree in English Linguistics and Literature at International University (VNU HCM). I started teaching when I was a freshman, so I’ve been teaching English online and offline for more than a year.

Also, I am a member of an English club and in charge of holding bonding events and academic contests regularly, and sharing English knowledge. This opportunity has trained me to be a good listener who can patiently listen to my students’ questions, and also a good speaker who can deliver my lessons well.

In my class, you don’t need to be afraid of making mistakes. For me, mistakes are fine. Practice makes perfect. Just practice and practice, then your English skill will be improved. I really encourage active learning, so I hope that my students can be a manager of their own learning. I am here to guide you. See you in Skype English.

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