“Cô Trinh nói tiếng Anh lưu loát và tự tin, lớp học cô lúc nào cũng tràn đầy năng lượng. Cô là một cô giáo tiếng Anh nhiệt tình, trẻ trung.”
– Học viên Hoàng Khánh Hà



  • Have 3 years of experience in teaching English for children and adults
  • Majoring in Tourism & Hospitality Management
  • Have experiences in globally-scaled competitions (ie. UNWTO Student League, STR Market Study Competition) and worked in environments that are highly informed with multiple languages (ie. hotel, restaurant, NGOs)
  • Specialized in English Grammar, Pronunciation, Communication, Writing and Business contexts
  • Creative, flexible and responsible teaching motto

Hello! My name is Kieu Trinh and I am extremely passionate about teaching and training people. English is probably one of the most useful tools in my daily life since it is the core of my study, my work and my social relationship. My experiences at global playgrounds such as UNWTO, STR, or at multicultural environments like 5-star hotels/restaurants have nurtured my English day by day. Throughout 3 years of my university life, I have acquired precious teaching skills and given my best effort to my students. Understanding the importance of learning English, I believe that teaching and delivering knowledge and skills regarding this language are facilitators for you to open the door to a brighter future.

As a tourism and hospitality person, I would like to be open-minded, positive and flexible in my teachings. I have been teaching for many groups of learners, from disabled people, children to adults and even my colleagues at work, so I understand the core of teaching language was never just the words themselves, but also how it could be applied in your real-life contexts. For my classes, I would choose engaging and fun methods over one-way communication to make your experience more memorable and interesting. We can also get to discuss topics that are arising, which is a good way for you to apply what you have just learned. I can also help you in finding a suitable learning approach, and from this, your passion for English would be strengthened.

I hope that the sharing above would help us understand each other and have a clear expectation for the learning journey afterward. See you at Skype English.

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