“Mình thích học với cô Kaye, cô rất nhiệt tình, giảng bài rất dễ hiểu, nói tiếng Anh hay.”

Học viên Lê Minh Hiếu



  • An experienced TESOL | TEYL English Teacher for almost 3 years
  • Create friendly environment, encourage students to become more self-confident and improve themselves
  • An effective English communicator, highly motivated, enthusiastic, patient and an understanding teacher
  • Dedicated and passionate in teaching English language from beginner to advanced learners

Hi! My name is Kaye B. Nabasca and I’m 23 years old. I obtained my Bachelor’s degree of Hotel and Restaurant Management at Western Mindanao State University. I’ve been a journalist both in my Elementary and High School. I have been an experienced TESOL | TEYL English Teacher for almost three years now. I have extensive trainings, experience and knowledge in ESL instructions.

I taught students from different levels and countries such as; Korea, China, Japan and Vietnam. My teaching background includes IELTS, Business English and Daily Conversations that aims of helping my student’s goals to achieve. Throughout the experience, I have been recognized of my work ethic and effectiveness. I am very passionate about my profession. Teaching English to my students always thrills me and I am honored to be given by this opportunity.

Hope to see you in our class here at Skype English!

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