” Buổi học với thầy John luôn diễn ra sao quá nhanh và thú vị. Mình tin là ai học tiếng Anh với thầy cũng sẽ yêu thích học tiếng Anh hơn” –

Học viên Nguyễn Minh Cường

John Kenmuir

Vancouver, Canada

  •  CELTA certified for teaching English & ESL
  • Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature
  • Began teaching formally in 1995 (25+ years)
  • IELTS speaking examiner 2003 – 2009
  • Published writer & poet (Udemy, SIA Global Security)
  • Published author (“Surviving IELTS Speaking”, Amazon.com)

Hello, everyone, my name is John Kenmuir and I am passionate about not only teaching but helping people whenever and wherever I can; this is how I eventually became a teacher and why teaching is not just a job but a calling. It’s what I enjoy and what I do. I currently live in Ciudad Obregon, Sonora, Mexico, on a temporary resident visa and have lived in Mexico for the past three to four years (in the fall of 2021 I will apply for a permanent residence visa so I can live here indefinitely).

I am also an avid traveler and have lived and worked around the world for most of the past 25 years, including teaching at universities in South Korea, China, Canada (my home country) and Saudi Arabia. I have taught young children in the past but I now specialize in teaching young adults and adults, from middle or high school, college and university, to working adults. I have taught the following subjects:
• IELTS Speaking, Reading, Listening
• Public Speaking (speeches & presentations)
• general conversation (using idioms & colloquialisms)
• pronunciation & dialects (British, North American & others)
• Intercultural Communication
• Western Culture
• Literature & Cinema

I have taught online now since 2016 for various platforms, teaching students from all over the world, including Vietnam & Thailand. I enjoy meeting people, and it is always a pleasure to welcome a new student and get to know them. I do work students hard as long as they are comfortable with that, but I always emphasize making a lesson comfortable and safe as well as productive. Since students often have other competing interests in their day-to-day lives, I structure my classes to meet the student’s goals and to challenge them without causing them to feel overwhelmed. Many of my students have gone on to study at British and American universities, where I had the pleasure of writing recommendation letters for them; at least one of these letters was the deciding factor in admitting my student into a graduate studies program (I received a thank you letter from the university informing me of their decision).

When I’m not teaching, I enjoy reading and watching movies, cooking for myself and friends,
photography (you will find me on Instagram at “the_happy_grackle”), tai chi and most outdoor sportsand activities.

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