“Thầy Joe giải thích các chủ đề rõ ràng, cách truyền tải đầy cảm hứng. Mình rất hứng thú được giao tiếp với thầy Joe.”
– Học viên Phạm Mạnh Hùng

Joe Delaney


  • Have been working as an ESL teacher with over 10 years of experience teaching in Thailand, teaching general English engaging with individual students and small groups.
  • Highly motivated, enthusiastic and committed to helping students make progress and develop their English Language skills.
  • Embracing all levels of students, young children to adults and beginners to advance, encouraging personal growth.
  • Taking great pleasure and daily job satisfaction in successfully teaching students in a happy and fun environment.
  • Skilled in classroom management, teaching classes with up to 30 students, smaller groups and also 1-1 classes
  • Having 3 years of online teaching experience with over 4500 classes taught to over 3700 students.

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