“Cô Jessah nói chuyện rất vui, có cách giảng hay, dễ hiểu, giúp mình hiểu bài và tự tin hơn khi đặt câu.”

– Học viên Lê Minh Hiếu



  • Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Music, Arts, PE and Health
  • Achiever, Composer, Voice Coach, Theater Actress
  • College Instructor for 5 years
  • Online English Teacher for 2 years
  • Passionate to teach beginner to advanced level
  • Adventurous and Enthusiastic
  • Patient and Interactive

Hi! My name is Jessah Fhee Jubay and I live in Tangub City, Philippines. I took up Bachelor of secondary education major in Music, arts, PE and health when I was in college and gladly practiced my profession for 5 years now. My hobbies include music and pets, and I am also an adventurous type of person who likes to try new things that’s why I love travelling so much.

I thought students from different levels from beginner and advance levels. I also experience hands on training on how to handle classes for kids and adult. My teaching style is also customized according to the level and goal of the students, but one thing is for sure I always give my best in every class and make sure the students will feel relaxed and comfortable in my class and I always find ways how to be creative all the time.

I am here to teach you English in fun, lively and natural way. I can teach you grammar, Vocabulary, Fluency, Intonation, Pronunciation and everything else. This style of the lesson will depend upon you and your interest to ensure that you’re enjoying while learning. I hope to see you in my class in Skype English.

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