“Cô Jen là một giáo viên mộc mạc, dễ gần. Mình làm trong ngành thực phẩm, học tiếng Anh với cô rất phù hợp vì cô có chuyên môn ở lĩnh vực này. Rất vui vì học tiếng Anh với cô mà không chỉ học tiếng Anh, còn được chia sẻ nhiều kiến thức cùng lĩnh vực nữa”

Chị Lan Phuong – học viên lớp giao tiếp

Jen Bennett

Greenmyres, UK

  • Diploma in TESOL/Certified IELTS instructor 
  • Master of Science in Food Quality Assurance 
  • Bachelor of Science on Agriculture and Bachelor of Nursing 
  • Have been teaching for many years within Industry and Nursing 
  • Have been teaching children Agriculture and English for over a year


My name is Jen and I am passionate about education. I believe that education should be available to  everybody and should be interesting, fun and engaging. I have been educating people for 18 years  in health-related matters as a nurse, adults and children in agriculture and food production for 2  years and English as a second language for 1 year. I have also been a home educator to my son for 3  years. 

Although I live in Scotland I have been educating adults and children through platforms such as Palfish, iTutorgroup and Magic Ears. I enjoy teaching children and like to make it fun and interactive  but I also enjoy helping adults to learn or improve their English skills for business, travel or further  education. 

When I meet a student for the first time, I like to get to know them and understand why they want  to learn English. This helps me to set goals, plan for future needs and structure classes that are  meaningful and challenging but not overwhelming. I also assess how I can best facilitate the learning  journey. For young learners I like to use props, realia and a lot of fun. For adults I am happy I use  props, realia and humor to facilitate learning.  

I am happy to help with:

  • General conversation and free talk. 
  • IELTS 
  • Pronunciation and grammar 
  • The finer points of English literature and poetry 
  • Medical English 

I particularly like discussing cookery, poetry, agriculture, movies, arts and crafts and travel. I have  visited many countries including Australia, North America, Canada, various countries within Europe,  South Africa and Vietnam. I hope to resume my travels within the next couple of years. 

When I’m not teaching, I run a sheep farm where we lamb our sheep every March and April. I enjoy  cooking, baking and reading. I also have a son, who is home educated and we enjoy learning through  exploration. We also enjoy walking, exploring (both within and out-with our own country) and  watching movies.

See you soon

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