“Mình thích học với cô Janese vì cô trẻ và dễ mến. Giọng của cô cũng rất hay và truyền cảm”

Minh Huyền – HV lớp giao tiếp


General Santos City, the Philippines

  • Licensed Professional Teacher
  • Graduated Bachelor of Elementary Education major in General Education
  • Have been an ESL teacher online for 3 years
  • Have passion in teaching English language to beginner to advance
  • Highly motivated and enthusiastic
  • Likes singing and dancing
  • 50- hour TESOL certificate holder
  • Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certificate holder
  • English for Kids certificate holder
  • Can take IELTS speaking courses (simulation test)

Hello! I’m Janese A. Guradillo and I’m 23 years old. I’m an ESL teacher based in the Philippines with valid certification from Teaching English as a foreign language and Teaching English for kids. I’m also a licensed professional teacher. I love singing and dancing. Teaching is really my passion and I’ve been an ESL teacher for almost 3 years now.
I know at first learning English is a little bit difficult but don’t worry because I’m here to help you to learn in a fun, easy, and exciting way. Now if you want to experience one of a kind class choose me as your teacher! Join me here as we discover the world of English learning where learning for you has never been this fun. Looking forward to see you in my class at Skype English. Thank you!

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