“Mình rất vui khi học với cô Ice, ngoài tiếng Anh thì cô cũng cùng chuyên ngành đại học với mình nên cô trò nói chuyện rất thú vị.”

– Học viên Lê Minh Đạt


Quezon, Philippines

  • Took Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
  • Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certificate holder
  • Have been an ESL teacher for over two (2) years
  • Makes the student feel valued and comfortable in the English speaking culture, to make friends and increase opportunities to use English
  • I am patient, optimistic, caring, creative and a highly motivated teacher

Hello there! My full name is Julla Isobel Rubio, but you can call me ‘Ice’. I’m 22 years old and currently residing in the Philippines. I took Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. Since I love teaching, I have also gone through some training such as, EFK, EP, TESOL, and TEFL for me to have good teaching skills. Now, I can handle different students from young to adult and even help you in your IELTS or TEFL exam preparation.

I am here to teach you in a fun and natural way. I can teach you vocabulary, grammar, intonation, fluency and pronunciation or anything that you want to know. The style of the lesson will depend upon your interest. We can be as crazy as you want to or we can be serious.

My goal is to develop your speaking, listening, writing or reading and help you to learn all the way. See you in Skype English!

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