“Cô Huyền Thương là một giáo viên giỏi với nhiều trải nghiệm quý. Từ 1 người tiếng Anh còn mất gốc, hiện tại tôi khá tự tin giao tiếp với người nước ngoài.” _ Ngọc Minh

Huyền Thương

● IELTS overall score: 7.5
● 1+ year teaching experience
● Have a passion for teaching Communication skill for both kids and adults
● Bachelor of Business Administration (E – BBA)
● Highly motivated and responsible
My name is Olivia.
I am a bachelor of Business Administration and an enthusiastic language learner. I am a young
energetic girl with a mission of leveraging English skills for Vietnamese people.
I was the project leader of two big non – profit organizations for students during my time at the
university, and I found out that Vietnamese young people are very talented and have many
potential to succeed. However, it is the lack of English skill that suspended them from moving
Therefore, I want to utilize my knowledge to help students upgrade their English skills so that
they have a better chance to get a good job.
My teaching method is the combination of Pareto rule and Blended Learning method. It is an
effective method that helps students learn and remember English faster and longer. I always
make sure that students feel happy and motivated in my class!
See you in Skype English!

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