“Cô Linh năng động, dạy tốt, nói tiếng Anh hay và truyền cảm. Em rất hài lòng khi học với cô.”

– Học viên Trần Mai Anh

Huyền Linh

Hanoi, Vietnam

  • Currently studying High-quality International Communication at the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam.
  • Have been working as an ESL teacher (both online and offline) for 3 years.
  • Have a passion in teaching English language for all ages.
  • Student’s progress after every class is my priority.
  • Highly enthusiastic and open-minded when communicating with students.

Hello! My name is Dinh Thi Huyen Linh. I am from Vietnam and I’m currently living and working in Hanoi City with my family. My major at the university is High-quality International Communication at the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam which provides me with a favorable environment to improve my English skill. I started working as an ESL teacher in 2019 when I was a freshman and I have learnt valuable skills along the way up to present.

I can help students prepare for some International Standardized Tests such as:

  • Grammar
  • Pronunciation
  • Daily conversation
  • General English for adults and beginners
  • Travel English
  • Business English

I always stay enthusiastic and want to make every lesson as much inspirational as possible so that the students will be motivated to obtain the knowledge easily and effectively. From my perspective, teaching is about “Listening and Sharing” which helps me a lot in finding a suitable teaching method for every single student with a specific level.

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