Honey Franz Sarona

Cô Honey luôn vui tính, hài hước trong cả cách dạy làm cho tôi rất thích thú. Khi học với cô không mang tâm thế là học mà vừa học vừa chia sẻ thông tin khơi gợi được tinh thần hiếu học trong tôi. ( Nguyễn Hiếu)

Honey Franz Sarona

 Licensed Professional Teacher
 Graduated with the degree of Bachelor in Secondary Education Major in English
 Currently taking up Master of Arts in Education Major in English
 Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certificate holder
 I was an ESL Teacher for one (2) year and five (5) months
 An offline teacher for six (6 years), teaching English Subjects (Grammar, Reading and writing,
 A “Grammarian Certificate” holder.
 Have passion in teaching English language from beginners to advance
 Have enough knowledge about grammar, sentence construction and reading comprehension
 Responsible enough in helping the students master the language and adhere to grammatical

Hello there! I am Honey Franz M. Sarona, a professional teacher with the degree of Bachelor of
Secondary Education Major in English. Currently, I’m taking up my graduate studies; Master of Arts in
Education major in English in a state university here in the Philippines . I was an ESL teacher for one
(1) year and five (5) months, and an offline teacher for six (6) years in a classroom setting.
I love to teach beginner students, I am excited to teach them the basics of English through Reading,
Writing, Listening and Speaking, I always make sure that learning English is not hard but instead, it is
fun and interesting. Also, in my classes both online and offline, I always share at least 5
vocabularies/words for my students to remember everyday.
On the other hand, I also excited to teach Adults/Advanced learners, I know you already have
knowledge about English Language but trust me, there is more on it and I can teach and share it, if
you will give my class a try. To make you prepared on your future endeavors and success, I want to
hone your Reading, Writing and Speaking skills using English Language. A lot of English Trivias will be
revealed during our class.
So, I am looking forward to teach you, See you in Skype English.

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