“Mình thích học với cô Glydel vì cô dễ mến và tâm lý. Cô giảng bài dễ hiểu.”

Minh Trang – HV lớp giao tiếp



  • A Filipino teacher with specialization of English language
  • Graduated at Diaz College
  • A friendly and approachable person
  • Have self-confidence and encouraging students to be more confident and improve
  • Polite, well-mannered and highly-educated

About me
I am a graduate from one of the best colleges in my city which is Diaz College. In my four
tenure years in studying the English language and three months of practice teaching high
school I always have this eagerness and motivation to teach students. Teaching has always
been a passion of mine. I love to teach and impart my knowledge about the English
language. I have a clear tone in speaking to ensure that foreign speakers would not have
trouble in understanding me. I am very excited to be part in this company and help the
learners to enhance their communication skill and have more confidence in speaking the
English language.
Teaching experience
I have experienced teaching when I was in college. I have done my practice teaching in high
school with face to face classroom setting. I always have this determination in teaching my
students and I always create more relatable activities to draw their inner thoughts and
have more confidence in speaking the English language. I always have a good relation with
my students back then because they do not just see me as a teacher but also as a friend.

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