“Cô Gen là 1 giáo viên giỏi. Ở cô có sự tận tuỵ và trách nhiệm cao qua từng buổi học. Cô đã giúp tôi tự tin rất nhiêu trong việc giao tiếp với đối tác nước ngoài.”

– Học viên Nguyễn Văn Sang



  • Have a TESOL Certificate
  • 9 year experience in teaching ESL students man to man & online classes
  • Experienced in teaching Koreans and Japanese from beginner to advance levels
  • Specializes in Vocabulary, Topic Discussion, Grammar and Practical English
  • Willing and able to adjust to the learning needs of the student
  • Friendly, patient and highly motivated

Hello, my name is Gen and I have had 9 years of experience in teaching the English language to ESL students. And through this experience, I quite understand how important it is to learn the language.

Looking back when I was a student myself, I enjoyed my English classes very much thus I make sure that my students enjoy themselves at the same time learn the language. I find out my students needs and so I can adjust accordingly. I assure them that making mistakes does not mean they are failing but instead this is where they can learn. The English language cannot be learned overnight, it has to be practiced in one’s everyday life hence the importance of enjoying it at the same time. For isn’t it more fun to learn when we are happy?

If your dream is to one day be able to understand and speak English fluently then I will gladly help you take on the journey of learning it one step at a time.

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