“Cô Emi là 1 giáo viên vô cùng thân thiện và nhiệt tình. Phần nghe và nói của các con tôi đều đã tiến bộ rõ rệt chỉ sau 1 tháng. Cảm ơn cô Emi.”

– Phụ huynh Nguyễn Hồng Hạnh



  • ESL Part time Teacher, 3 years
  • Forte: Speech Articulation, Reading Comprehension, Spelling, Writing
  • Able to teach students from all ages and levels
  • Able to help students with correct word pronunciation and articulation, word usage, phrasing,
    grammar and spelling
  • Patient, driven, upbeat and animated approach to teaching

Greetings! I am Emirose Fatima Buenviaje (Emi for short) and I live in Metro Manila, Philippines. I
graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Far Eastern University in Manila where I had
a TOEIC percentile score of 95% and an Effective Speech Communication Average Grade of
92% during my second year in college.

I am a person of various interests and hobbies in and out of our community. I was active in Theater Arts and Dance during most of my school years. This translated to me being involved in musical plays and live stage performances during high school and currently giving out improvisational workshops for individuals ages 8 – 20 years, for them to improve confidence and stage presence during performances within our community and church. I also happen to teach them dance and create choreographies for live performances. Aside from these, I also have experience in public speaking, specifically in hosting events such as company parties, gatherings etc. where english is the primary language.

My teaching style mainly revolves around improving three major elements: Knowledge (Vocabulary), Skills (Articulation, Pronunciation) and Attitude (Mindset in learning) or simply KSA. This will be the basis of the students’ performance in my class. Aside from following this structure, I can also just be an english speaking partner, who students can have intelligent conversations with on various topics they choose, should they prefer a more relaxed vibe.

With all these being said, I can say that I am confident in teaching and in English as a subject and tool for communication. I can use the different experiences I have as an edge in my teaching abilities.

I hope you book my class and see you soon!

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