“Thầy Edrin có 1 phương pháp sư phạm mà bất kỳ đứa trẻ nào cũng thích học. Từ 1 đứa nhút nhát đến nay con tôi rất thích học tiếng Anh và tự tin khi đến lớp. Tôi thấy may mắn khi các con và cháu tôi có cơ hội học thầy.” – Phụ huynh Nguyễn Ngọc Lan


 Was born and raised in the Philippines.
 Acquired Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Technology and Livelihood Education
 Has a one – year volunteer teaching experience in a public-school teaching English.
 An outgoing and passionate teacher who utilizes timely and relevant teaching strategies that
suit the various cognitive and learning interest of learners.
 Enthusiastic, active listener and good communicator
 Presently a volunteer and skilled public secondary teacher.

Hello there, do you want to learn English in a fun and meaningful way? book in my class now and
we’ll have fun learning English together. My name is Edrin but you can call me teacher Ed.
I am graduate of Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Technology and Livelihood Education. I
am a licensed professional teacher and I have also worked as a volunteer teacher for 1 year handling
Grade 9 students with different learning abilities.
My hobbies include singing, dancing, reading books.
I am here to develop your English skills both written and oral. Guaranteed that I will be your great
In my class, I work with wonderful enthusiasm and positivity. I’m interested in many different topics,
and I’m happy to focus on my learner’s goal. I’m greatly passionate about my profession, and I love
helping others improve their English.
For teaching kids, I will make sure that my class is fun and engaging and for adults I will be
interactive and a good listener as well so that students won’t be afraid in learning English language. I
always believe that students learn in various ways if given more learning opportunities since they
have different learning styles.
So, it would be my great pleasure to become part of your journey towards learning English! See you
in Skype English.

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