“Cô Dale nhẹ nhàng, giảng bài dễ hiểu và phương pháp dạy rất tốt. Cô chỉnh lỗi sai phát âm cho tôi và tôi đã tiến bộ rất nhiều.” _ Học viên Hoài Nhân


Hello! My name is Dale and I live in Philippines with my family but I have my
own house next to them. I speak English as my second language.
When I am not teaching I spend my time doing the things I love. I am also
running a small business which sells sweets and coffees at the moment. In
my free times I prepare my lessons and after that I read, write, listen to music
and play instruments. If I still have time I also engage myself in painting and
planting some vegetables in my small garden.
As a language instructor, I think that having rich, interesting conversations is
essential to improving your language abilities. I'm a talkative and outgoing
person, and I'll do everything in my power to put you at ease. While
understanding your level of English and assisting you in expanding your
vocabulary and linguistic expertise, I will inspire you and keep courses
At Skype English, where you can use the English language to its fullest
potential, I look forward to getting to know you better. I can mentor and
educate you so that you are equipped to complete any task or objective that
calls for proficiency in spoken English. We'll talk soon.

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