“Cô Cica dạy trẻ con rất có tâm cùng 1 phương pháp sư phạm trên cả tuyệt vời. Con tôi đã theo học cô hơn 3 năm nay và còn học cô lâu dài.”

– Phụ huynh Nguyễn Ái Như



  • Have more than 20- year experience in teaching basic to advanced English
  • Works as a Director of Studies with the Peoples university Belgrade; Business English course Teacher
  • Create friendly environment, encourage students to become more self-confident and improve themselves
  • Implement interactive method, assist students to build and develop their language skills, help them to prepare for their IELTS and other exams, job interviews and conversation in general

Hi! I am teacher Cica and I enjoy teaching English and watching students develop all their language skills, especially in the field of speaking. I believe that every student is unique and has his/her own rythm of improving. Teaching and learning is like an art; therefore using this interactive approach we can do a good work together.
I love animals and nature. I am a member of a mounteering club in my city and enjoy hiking in the mountains with my friends.
I got my Master΄s degree in teaching English and still continue learning. I have participated in a licensed programme implementation regarding continuous professional development of teachers and professionals working with children in elementary schools. Presently I work in a language school with holistic approach to teaching. In a very open and relaxing atmosphere I encourage and motivate both my younger and older students to participate more and improve their English language skills.

For seven years I taught the French Fashion design and management students Business English . As a Director of studies. I taught the international students all level courses and helped young teachers to run the classes successfully.
I am a co-founder of the first licensed international club for communication and leadership in Belgrade, the education program for the speaking and listening skills development.
Using all my experience I believe I would be able to help my online students to expand their knowledge and usage of English language, and so enhance their performance in order to reach their goals with success.
Hope to see you in the class.

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