“Cô Ceila nhiệt tình, thân thiện. Cô là 1 giáo viên rất có tâm khi thường xuyên chỉnh lỗi khi tôi nói sai.”

– Học viên Nguyễn Lan Anh



  • Graduated, Bachelor of Science in Education,
  • Major in English
  • Licensed Professional Teacher
  • Have been teaching English for 33 years.
  • Have TESOL and IELTS Certificates
  • Have TEYL Certificate
  • TESOL and IELTS Trainer
  • Have been teaching for 33 years
  • Master in Humanties
  • Teaching Online Evaluator
  • Can teach Beginners to Advance (Kids and adults), TOIEC, Business English , IELTS

Hello ! I am  Teacher Cel. I am an English teacher by  profession and a TESOL and IELTS Certified trainer.  I have been teaching English for 33 years. With this experiences help me broaden my knowledge in teaching English and dealing different nationalities of the different English levels making a difference in their lives. I do believe that English language is a formidable and progressive language. It is not enough to learn English from the books alone and also from listening to conversation but it must be done very slowly and carefully through constant practice and drill.  I can teach  you the correct pronunciation of the words, communicative grammar, reading and speaking and anything related to English language.

I love reading books, watching movies, travel to nature places and collecting purple stuffs.

I am inviting you to be globally equipped  and learn English from me. I will make it easier for you so you will learn fast. Let us bridge the gap. Start learning English from with FUN!

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